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COVID-19 information and CDC Updates

COVID-19 Reminders

Staff and students please remember to wear your masks and be mindful of social distancing each and everyday. The Stronger Together link above will bring you to the Lexington District 1 website where you can find the most up to date information regarding COVID-19. 

We thank you all for all your hard work and cooperation during these challenging times.

UPDATES: Unfortunately the symptoms of COVID-19 have increased in number over the past year. Fever is NOT always present in positive cases. And the symptoms of COVID-19 mimic pretty much every viral and bacterial infection that we are all used to.

Most common symptoms we are seeing are:


*body aches

*runny nose

*sore throat


*shortness of breath

*chest pain/difficulty breathing


*loss of taste and/or smell

*change is taste and or smell



*abdominal pain



 Nursing is here for everyone on campus. We are glad to answer any questions and thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation during this pandemic.