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Quarantine Changes for ALL Lexington 1 Students

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control recently updated its guidance for COVID-19 quarantine. In some cases, this could shorten the amount of time students remain in quarantine after a close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

According to DHEC guidance, the standard quarantine period after close contact with someone contagious with COVID-19 remains 14 days; however, the Centers for Disease Control now provides two options for shortening that time period. 

If you wish to pursue one of the options below, please contact your school nurse. Schools still have discretion when allowing students to return. 

If a student who is quarantined experiences no symptoms during daily symptom monitoring, then quarantine can end: 

  • after Day 10 without testing; or 
  • after Day 7 if a viral test is negative. The viral test must be collected no sooner than Day 5 of the quarantine period.

After returning to school, students must receive daily symptom screening until Day 14, wear a face covering and follow the school’s safety protocols. 

Students may not participate in any activities that do not allow for these preventive actions. This includes athletes who may return to practice, but must remain masked at all times and have no close contact until after Day 14.

Please contact your school nurse to discuss your student’s options.

Nurse Forche 803-821-4198