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Yearbook Order Form

Yearbook Order Form - Spanish

Don't miss out on an opportunity to purchase the LAST Gilbert Primary School yearbook!  Our yearbook is in full color and is packed full of memories you'll never want to forget.  You can even have your child's name imprinted on their yearbook cover.  There are two ordering options.  First, you can fill out the paper order form that was sent home with all students recently.  Complete the bottom portion of the form, detach it and return it with payment to your child's teacher by March 6, 2020.  Make all checks payable to Gilbert Primary School.  The second option is to place your order online.  Go to, find Gilbert Primary School and place your order by February 22, 2020.  Online orders will offer special options like personalization and icons to add to your child's yearbook.  Yearbooks are $25.00 each.  The LAST Gilbert Primary School yearbook will be an important keepsake and will mark the end of a chapter in the story of our school.  
Just to recap:
Yearbooks are $25.00 each.
Personalization (having your child's name on the cover) is only available with online orders.
All online orders are due by February 22, 2020.
All orders using the paper form are due by March 6, 2020.
Order now so you don't miss out on the LAST Gilbert Primary School yearbook.  Thank you for your support.  Have a good evening!

Click here to access the online order website or use the link below.