• School Safety in Response to COVID-19

    In order to keep our students, staff and community as safe as possible we will be following the CDC, State Department of Education and Lexington 1 recommended safety procedures this upcoming school year. I will list some of them below.

    1. Mask up Wildcats!. Students in grades 2-5 will wear masks in class, when entering/exiting the school and on school buses. Mask breaks will be provided throughout the school day. For example, students will receive two daily recess times, breakfast and lunch break, and as needed mask breaks in class. If you would love to join LEX and be a "Cool Cat" you can order your Wildcat Mask at

    2. All LES homeroom classrooms have a restroom.

    3. All LES homeroom classrooms will have sanitizer dispensers. (Students are not to bring their own sanitizer to school. Outside sanitizers, wipes and cleaning products are prohibited).

    4. Students will sanitize when entering or leaving the classroom. (Foam in/ Foam out)

    5. Students will be given opportunities to wash hands frequently.

    6. Students will eat breakfast and lunch in their homeroom classroom.

    7. Students will be given two daily recess breaks with their homeroom class.

    8. All Related Arts (Art, Music, PE, Spanish, Technology) will travel to the students homeroom class.

    9. All classrooms will be cleaned daily using electrostatic cleaners.

    10. The school nurse will have an additional room for students who are feeling sick. Students needing daily routine health service will be located in another room.

    Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing and productive learning environment for our students. We will continue to follow the current CDC guidelines. These guidelines are being monitored and will be adjusted as recommended.