• Medication Policy

    Welcome to the 2020–2021 school year!

    I am sure you realized that our health room procedures would change as we work to keep our staff, students and their families healthy and safe from COVID-19.

    School nurses are not allowed to keep more than a 30-day supply of medication at school at any time. Please keep this in mind as you plan for your student’s needs during our AA BB (hybrid) instructional model.

    We ask that whenever possible, you (parent/guardian) give your child his/her medications at home — before or after school. However, when medications must be given at school during the school day, we ask that you:

    ● Do not wait until the first day of school to bring your student’s medications or supplies to your child’s school. Instead, make an appointment to bring those medications to school with our school nurse, Courtney Fink, prior to Monday, August 31. You can reach her at (803) 821-4023 or CFink@lexington1.net.

    ● Bring your student’s medication in its original container. It cannot be expired and must be accompanied by a completed medication permission form.

    To find these forms, visit our district website at www.lexington1.net. Once there, click on the “I AM …” tab on the list at the top. Now, choose “A Parent/Guardian.” Once there, you will see a link to “HEALTH.” You will find the form you need under Forms You May Need on that page.

    Here is a direct link to the Permission for School Administration of Non-Prescription and Prescription Medication form.

    We are looking forward to our first day of school, Monday, August 31!

    Dr. Tim Carnahan