Bus Services Information from Lexington One

  • ALL bus transportation is arranged by Mr. Bill Kurts, Director of Transportation. If you have any questions concerning bus numbers, schedules, etc, please call the Lexington transportation office at (803) 821-1340.

    If a student needs bus services, parents/guardians must complete a New Student Transportation Request form for each school year. The transportation request form can be obtained in person from the PHES Office, or completed online through our school website here.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at (803) 821-2800.

    Students must have special permission from the Lexington transportation office, as well as written permission from their parents, to ride a bus other than their regular route. Permission notes must be brought to the office before school begins the day of the route change.

    A special note regarding 5-Year-Old Kindergartners
    Kindergartners ride the regular elementary route school buses that serve your street, and board & depart buses at the regular bus stop. A parent/guardian (or an adult authorized by a parent/guardian) must accompany his/her kindergarten student to the bus stop and put that kindergartner on the school bus every morning and also meet the school bus at the bus stop when it returns.

    A special note regarding 4-Year-Old Kindergartners in the Full-Day Tuition-Based Program
    Full-day tuition-based 4K students that are served at PHES, are not eligible to ride buses from Lexington One Transportation. Parents/Guardians must provide transportation for these students. 

student boarding school bus