Welcome to Gilbert High School

  • HIGH SCHOOL (9-12)

    Gilbert High School is home of the Indians and focuses primarily on actively engaged student learning. Understanding that each student has unique learning styles and needs, teachers and staff of GHS provide academic and extra-curricular activities to help students make appropriate decisions in school and beyond.


  • Our mission is to cultivate a caring community where ALL learners are extraordinary communicators, collaborators, creators and critical thinkers.


  • Empower each child to design the future.

Performance Goals

  • 1. The district will increase the percentage of students who are progressing on-time with the requisite skills for success at their current grade levels.
    2. The district will implement strategies to improve equity in high-level coursework.
    3. The district will implement strategies to improve performance in high–level coursework.
    4. The district will improve the conditions that lead to student success in each school by utilizing a system of advocacy for each child that facilitates healthy social and emotional growth.