Technology Resources

  • Schoology

    Have you created your Schoology Parent account yet? Contact the front office for your parent code.

    You can find instructions for using this parent access code to create your Schoology© parent account here:

    By following this link, you can also find directions for navigating your account:

    As part of Lexington County School District One’s commitment to providing 21st century learning tools for our teachers and students, we have begun using Schoology© as our district learning management system in grades 6–12. With Schoology©, students can submit homework assignments, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take assessments and collaborate with their peers. Teachers will monitor student progress and activity to ensure a safe, secure and controlled environment. Parents will also have access to the system and be able to view teacher and student activity. 

    Grades and Attendance

    PowerSchool- student grades and attendance can be viewed in PowerSchool. Parents need to have an account and PowerSchool activation codes can be picked up in the main office during school hours. Parents will need a photo ID to obtain a code. 

    iPad Update FAQ’s

    1. What if I can’t get Schoology or an app to logon? What do we do if we are asked to authenticate?    Students have a Proxy App on their iPad. If you are having trouble logging into any app or Safari, you need to authenticate. Use the Proxy app to be prompted to authenticate and enter your username and password. Also be sure you have connected to WiFi.
    2. At what point should a student come to the help desk? If you have tried to authenticate several times and cannot get to the internet or download apps then come to the help desk.  Mr. Murphy is the Help Desk technician and is available before school, lunch times, and after school.  821-0560 Help Desk
    3. How can I update district Apps or download my eTextbook? Students have a link located on their iPad called Apps Catalog. Follow the video to load the app.

    Lexington County School District One prohibits any application that uses messaging or is categorized as social networking on middle and high school students’ personal mobile computing devices (iPads). Students can still use Schoology and email to communicate with each other and with teachers.

    See the list of prohibited apps.

    Click HERE to access the Meadow Glen Middle School Consequences for iPad violation.

    Learning Commons Website– The site has loads of information about the MGM Learning Commons Programs and how to interact with Ms. Kohout, MGM Media Specialist, via the Gators Read! Blog.

    Students and parents: This is a great website for free tutoring for any student who has a family member in the military. It provides 24/7 homework help with a real person who responds back to the students for 16 different subjects. Some of our 6th graders are using this and love it. It is free. Please check it out!