• From the Faculty and Staff of Lexington High School:

    Thank you for visiting our webpage and for your interest in our school!  We hope this site can answer your questions, provide useful resources, and give a snapshot of Lexington High, where our students thrive in academics, arts, athletics, leadership, and service.

    The 2019-2020 school year ended with the COVID19 closure and we all experienced a new normal.  Since the pandemic started, we have worried about our community, nation, and the world, especially those on the front lines and those at greatest risk.  We have also tried to plan for a safe, productive return to school for our students.

    Alongside COVID, this year our students experienced the emotional unrest and pain that results from a system that does not always serve all people equitably and from the difficulty that comes from confronting our own biases.  When we most needed to be together, our divisions were magnified and inflamed, further isolating and separating us.  We have spent time reflecting, asking hard questions, and investing our energy into ensuring that our school models a commitment to doing better for all students every day.

    Despite the challenges we have faced and will continue to confront, we believe there are far more beautiful examples of hope and love across our community than fear or hate.  Heroism has lifted us over many obstacles in our path, and we believe we will emerge better than we have ever been.  Through our courage and willingness to take action, we will design a greater future.  Our students are brave, creative, and inspiring.  They are gloriously diverse but share a common journey together as Lexington Wildcats.  Each of our students deserves the chance to create a world that leaves fear and hate behind, to embrace a limitless future shaped by love and joy.  

    There are still many unknowns for the coming months and for this school year.  As we learn new information, we promise to share it with our Wildcat Nation.  Stay tuned to our district and school websites and follow us on social media for the most current news.  We will continue to advocate for each of our students, pushing them to be the very best versions of themselves, to proudly represent their families and cultures, and to work diligently to strengthen our collective community.

    At Lexington High School, we will equip our students to honor their traditions, seize today’s opportunities, and design our future.

    Hail to Thee!