• NEW Carline Procedures BEGIN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1


    BEFORE 8:00 AMall students drop off in the front carline using Highway 378.

    AFTER 8:00 AM

    • 6th and 7th-grade students continue to drop off in the front carline using Highway 378.
    • 8th-grade students, and siblings, will be dropped off in the side carline using Beechwoods Drive.

    AFTER 8:30, the student is tardy and needs to enter through the front office with the parent to be checked in to school.


    6th and 7th-grade students will be picked up in the front carline using Highway 378.

    All 8th-grade students will be picked up in the side carline using Beechwoods Drive.**All siblings of 8th graders may use the side carline. Previously these students used the front carline.

    You will still need to display your car tag number. This will allow us to get your student out as quickly as possible.

    Click HERE for a detailed MAP