• What will be graded?

    • Assignments that focus on essential learning will be graded.

    How will assignments be graded?

    • Students will be provided multiple opportunities to show mastery of the essential learning (i.e., quizzes, bell ringers, tests, projects, and papers). 
    • Students will show mastery through summative assessments at the end of each unit.  
    • Teachers will continue to follow the current reassessment practices for choice and recovery re-tests.
    • CORE CLASSES: Formative assessments will count as 30% of the final grade, and summative assessments will count as 70% of the final grade each quarter.
    • CONNECTIONS CLASSES:  As an IB MYP candidate school, we use proficiency-based scoring in our Design, Arts, PE/Health, and World Language classes.  The student’s proficiency rating is not a percentage grade or an average of grades. The rating represents the level of proficiency the student currently demonstrates on the course objectives.
    • No zeros will be issued on formative assessments.  Rather students will receive a 45 as the minimum grade on formative assessments and receive feedback on their formative work.

    What will students and parents see in PowerSchool? 

    • Parents and students will typically see a numerical grade for each assignment. 
    • For some assignments, they may see the following symbols:

     Collected: This means the student has submitted the assignment.  This serves as a record-keeping feature.

     Exempt: This means the student is not required to submit this assignment.  

     Incomplete: This means the student is missing part of the assignment. (Teacher will follow up with the student with support on completing the assignment.)

     Missing assignment: This means the student has not submitted this assignment at all.


    When will students and parents see grades in PowerSchool?

    • For most assignments, teachers will post grades within two school days of collecting an assignment.   There will be exceptions for lengthy assignments and projects.  If you have a question about a particular assignment, students and parents should email the teacher.