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A Message from our Lead Parent Educator

  • September 17, 2021

    A Message to our families,
    In response to Delta variant of Covid-19, the Parenting Center staff continues to adapt programming as we serve our families to assist them in school-readiness for their preschoolers. The Parenting Center of Lexington One, in compliance with Lexington School District One, Lexington County First Steps and Parents as Teachers National Center, is serving First Steps families through the use of virtual visits. Lucy will continue to host our monthly ILA’s through Zoom. This offers more consistency to the routine of the ILA. It also helps Maria, Gigi and Chanta offer one-on-one virtual and teleconferencing services as some of our children are confused with whether or not to expect group interaction or personal interaction when meeting on Zoom visits. In-home packets are distributed during the first week of each month and include both, the personal visitation and group connection information.

    Fall Fest and Winter Fest will be drive-through events held in the front loop of Rosenwald Community Learning Center located at 420 Hendrix Street. We partner with Lexington
    Main Library to bring these multicultural events and story times to you in a unique setting!

    As a team, we continue to update referrals on the Lexington One Parenting website, PEEP facebook and twitter sites. If you need assistance and want to access these sites, ask your Parent Educator for assistance. Also refer to the Preschool page under Academics that highlights additional Early Childhood information within the Lexington One schools.
    Continue to monitor these Lexington One sites for information as it applies to your children’s needs.

    Our Family Literacy collaboration continues to serve students in Adult Education and their families. Our Childcare is now open with limited availability. Lucy, Jojo and Cherri have
    adopted new safety protocols that address Covid-19 procedures. See listing in the updated handbook. Please know that while this in not ideal, every effort is being made to ensure the safety of all during this unprecedented time. We will continue to keep you aware of any updated activity.

    Stay healthy in all ways and always,
    Marla Hamilton