Driving Information

  • Parking spots will be assigend on Monday (8/16) and emailed. 

    Please follow the steps below to provide the necessary information to receive a parking pass.  Students who complete this process will be assigned a parking space and may park on campus.  

    Please see the requirements below to be able to drive and park at GHS.  Students who have completed the requirements will be assigned a spot. 

    1. Complete Alive a 25 Course (Visit SCNSC.ORG and click find a class to sign up for an upciming course if you have not completed it.) 
    2. Pay $5 Parking Fee
      • The student can either pay this at GHS - the exact amount only.  Or you can call 803-821-1989 and pay over the phone. 
    3. Consent to Drug Testing - Download the form HERE This needs to be filled out every year. 
    4. Complete Parking Form HERE.  You will need the following:
      • PDF/Photo of Alive at 25 certificate.
      • Vehicle Tag Number
      • Vehicle Make, Model, Car, and Type
      • Agree to Parking Rules & Regulations