• It is more important than ever for parents and guardians to create a Parent Portal account in PowerSchool. We will now use PowerSchool to collect vital information to better serve our students and families.

    For example, each year we ask families who want their students to ride the bus to complete a form. For next school year, you’ll only be able to access that transportation request form through your PowerSchool Parent Portal.  

    Other mandatory forms from your school, the school district and even the South Carolina Department of Education will be located on Parent Portal, too. You can also view your student’s attendance and grades in Parent Portal.

    That’s why we ask you to go ahead and create your account today. This easy-to-use guide will walk you through the process. 

    If you do not already have a Parent Portal account, you will soon receive another secure email with your students’ Access ID and Access Password. You’ll need that ID and password to complete the steps listed below.  

    If you already have a Parent Portal account, no further action is needed.

Visual Guide

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    Powerschool Visual Guide image         Powerschool Visual Guide image

  • Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

    If you have not already created a Lexington County School District One PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, just follow these steps:

    1. You will need a PowerSchool Parent Access ID and Password. Contact your child’s school for this information and step-by-step instructions.
    2. Once you have a Parent Access ID and Password for each of your children, click here and go to the “Create Account” link.
    3. Use the same email address for this account as the email address you originally provided to your child’s school.

    Email Notifications

    Once you create your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, you can opt-in for email notifications with information about your child’s grades and/or attendance. Just set the “Email Notification” while you are in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.


    Periodically, the district will request information related to your child’s education.  These questions will be sent as a form in your PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    1. To submit a form click the “Forms” button on the left menu. 
    2. Select the form to be completed.
    3. Complete the form and submit.

Minimum Requirements for Powerschool