• You can easily access your student’s grades and attendance using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Parents and students can also download the PowerSchool mobile application (available for iPhones or Android telephones).

    Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

    If you have not already created a Lexington County School District One PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, just follow these steps:

    1. You will need a PowerSchool Parent Access ID and Password. Contact your child’s school for this information and step-by-step instructions.
    2. Once you have a Parent Access ID and Password for each of your children, click here and go to the “Create Account” link.
    3. Use the same email address for this account as the email address you originally provided to your child’s school.

    Email Notifications

    Once you create your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, you can opt-in for email notifications with information about your child’s grades and/or attendance. Just set the “Email Notification” while you are in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.


    Periodically the district will request information related to your child’s education.  These questions will be sent as a form in your PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    1. To submit a form click the “Forms” button on the left menu. 
    2. Select the form to be completed.
    3. Complete the form and submit.


    Click here to go to the login page or click here for information regarding computer environments for PowerSchool.