• Partial immersion is a means of acquiring a world language through content matter instruction. In the program, students develop communicative and academic proficiency in the target language while succeeding academically in all subject areas at levels comparable to those they would have reached if they had been schooled only in English.

    Our elementary students in the partial-immersion program spend half the day studying the regular grade level curriculum and standards in classes conducted in the target language. The other half of the day is conducted in English. Mathematics and science are taught in the target language, and English/language arts and social studies are taught in English.

    The first group of students who began the program as kindergarten students advanced to middle school in the 2012–2013 school year. At the middle-school level, the students take two courses in the target language: a language arts course and a project-based course that explores real-world problems and cultural practices. Languages offered in our partial immersion program include French, Spanish, and Chinese.

    Please visit the World Languages microsite for information on how to register your child in the Partial Immersion program.