• March Freshman Timberwolf of the Month - Ja'Nani McKellar 

    Ja'Nani is a member of my world history class. Although she often reminds me that history is not her thing, she always puts forth great effort. She is creative with her thinking and always goes above and beyond with work. I wish she would be more excited about history, but I could not ask for more out of a student. 

  • March Sophomore Timbewolf of the Month - Makayla Campbell

    Makayla is a phenomenal young lady and student. She has done a wonderful job of staying on top of her work this year in a challenging class. She goes out of her way to ask questions when she needs help, requests zoom meetings, and overall displays a strong sense of ownership with her schoolwork. She also has a positive demeanor that seems to  make others around her better. Overall, she represents the best of WKHS and would be a deserving student of the month. 

March Sophomore Timberwolf of the Month
  • March Junior Timberwolf of the Month - Emma Holsclaw

    Emma is a student in AP US History. During this course, she has navigated through the difficult content knowledge with hard work and determination. She has shown consistency, a positive attitude, and the willingness to succeed. Apart from that, she is kind, respectful, and helpful to her peers in the class. Emma is well deserving of being the Junior Student of the Month. 

March Junior Timberwolf of the Month
  • March Senior Timberwolf of the Month - Raven Wise 

    Raven has shown incredible leadership and maturity in my class in her treatment of others and her work ethic. She is a strong and determined young lady who will do great things! I nominated Raven because she shows exemplary leadership. She is always so polite and respectful and a model student for her peers. 

March Senior Timberwolf of the Month