Lake Murray Elementary School

Anchored in leadership. Anchored in learning.

  • Founded in 1999,  Lake Murray Elementary School is anchored in leadership and learning.

    The rigorous teaching and collaborative learning environment encourages all

    students to aspire to their very best and celebrate their individual successes.

    Our school mission statement is "Anchored in Leadership, Anchored in Learning."

    This is achieved by promoting leadership development, academic growth,

    and collaborative relationships for students and staff.

    Lake Murray Elementary was honored to be nameed a 2019 - 2020 National Blue Ribbon School. 

    In 2020 Lake Murray Elementary also recieved certification as a Common Sense Media School Partner.

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Message From Our Principal

  • Monday,  Sepember 7th 

    School Letter

    Dear Families,


    We have had a GREAT first week of school! It was so wonderful to have children in the building!! YEAH!! Personally, I think the staff was just as excited as the students! If you are a car rider, I hope morning drop off and afternoon pick up have been all right. Please see the documents below, if you are still unsure where your children are to be dropped off and picked up. This is ALL new this year, and we appreciate your patience with us. We are trying to minimize movement in the building, and we are using all exits to aid in social distancing and traffic flow.


    As of today, we still have about 100 students that have not completed the online registration. If you are having trouble with registration or snap codes, please contact the front office at 821-3100, and we will do our personal best to assist you.


    Even though we have off today off, we will still follow the same Cohort schedule we did this week. Meaning on Tuesday, September 8th Cohort A will come to school. On Wednesday, September 9th and Thursday, September 10th Cohort B will come to school. Then on Friday, September 11th, all student will receive virtual instruction.


    I wanted to make sure all families knew of the opportunity presented by Lexington County School District One Office of Food Service and Nutrition. Food Service can provide meals to students during their days at school, as well as offer meals to students on their virtual days (this means both the Hybrid Model-Cohort A and B as well as the students 100% virtual can receive meals). If you are interested in learning more or signing up for these services, please go to this link:


    If you have any difficulty with accessing your students work at home, please call the Help Desk at (803) 821-1201. They are the experts when it comes to device support. Educators know how to use a device, but not how to troubleshoot or navigate when a device is not working. In other words, we know enough to be dangerous!! (Hee, Hee!)


    Please be mindful in the hybrid model (Cohort A and B) while your child is at home receiving instruction virtually, the teachers are teaching the students face to face. Therefore, they will not be able to respond to emails immediately during the school day. They are doing double the work right now to provide instruction both virtually and face to face. If you don't admire teachers, this should show you how amazing they are! As a principal, it is very important to me that they have time to support their own personal families when they leave here and to take care of themselves. Please make sure to give them grace and love. (I know I am acting like a mom, but the staff are my children. I want them to be their personal best so they can give your child their personal best.)


    We are "Rowing and Growing" Together and there is no other team I would want in my boat!






    Yearbooks from 2019-2020 are HERE!! Yes you are reading this correctly!



    If your child is still at LMES this year, we will be giving them their 2019-2020 yearbooks next week to take home in their backpacks. We are in the process of working out a plan on how we can get the yearbooks to the students who were 5th graders last year and in middle school this year. Thanks for all of your patience with this process. I am just so HAPPY they finally made it. I think this is going to be a yearbook, I never forget!


    School Nurse: Medication and Supplies



    If you have medication or supplies that needs to be given at school, you will need to contact Charlene Kneece at 821-3124 or email her at to set up an appointment. If you go to this link and look under the HEALTH heading, you will have access to forms you might need access to such as:

    Permission for School Administration of Non-Prescription and Prescription Medication

    Intermittent Catheterization Physician Orders
    Enteral Feeding Physician Orders

    Arrival and Dismissal Procedures



    Beginning the week of September 8th, all students in Pre-K through 1st grade will have to enter the building (through the side door) without a parent. 2nd-5th is already entering the building on their own, and they did an amazing job getting to their rooms this week.


    We were very strategic in placing all of our entry points close to the hall where their classrooms are located. Please know we have adults stationed all over the building to ensure the students get to the correct location. Thanks for your support in this process.


    MAP of Arrival:


    Document of LMES Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


    MAP of Dismissal:



    What does staggered arrival and dismissal mean for LMES?

    Arrival: In addition to bus transportation, we have 3 areas for students to be dropped off in the morning based on grade level. Pre-School-1st (and older siblings) in the front car line, 2nd and 3rd (and older siblings) in the bus loop and 4th and 5th in the staff parking lot. Parents can drop off students as early as 6:50am. Teachers will be there to greet students into the classroom beginning at 7:15am. Between 6:50am and 7:15am, students will be sitting in the hallway, wearing masks on defined marked spaces that are 6 feet apart with adult supervision. The bell to start the school day will ring at 7:50am (rather than 7:40am in years past). This means all students should be in the school by this time. If they are not, they will be marked as tardy. It is my hope with having an hour each morning to get to school that all of our Mariners will be here on time :)!


    Dismissal: The school bell will ring at 2:00pm. However, we will be dismissing students at various times to support social distancing and safety. At 2:00pm, bus riders will be released from the classroom to the bus loop. At 2:10pm, day care riders will be released from the classroom to the bus loop or to our on-site provider Alphabest. At 2:25pm, all teachers will walk their cohort of students to the front car line for Pre-School through 1st and 3rd graders (and older siblings), and all 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders (and older siblings) will go to the staff parking lot. The teacher will remain with their cohort until all of their students are picked up. We will not be sorting students by grade level as we have in the past, but rather by teacher.


    Masks or Gaiters


    • All students Pre-school through 5th grade are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building as well as in the hallways and on buses.
    • Pre-School through 1st grade are highly encouraged to wear a mask in the classroom. However, this is not required.
    • 2nd-5th graders are required to wear masks in the classroom.
    • All staff are required to wear a mask throughout the school day.
    • Students will have the opportunity to have frequent masks breaks in the classroom to support them in learning how to wear a mask and to combat mask fatigue.

    Ways to support LMES while you shop!!

    Lowe’s Foods: Fresh Rewards Card, you can link it to up to three schools, and we will receive a monetary donation from them based on eligible items purchased. More information can be found at this link


    Publix: Simply sign up for a, click Publix Partners, and select a school. Then enter your phone number every time you check out. We'll give back to the school of your choice.

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