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Important New Athletic Registration Information

The Mission of the Athletic Department

  • The mission of the Athletic Department at White Knoll Middle School is to aid in the academic, emotional and physical development of our students through the promotion of teamwork, sportsmanship and athletic competition.  The athletic program at White Knoll Middle School is a valuable asset to the total education process; therefore, the program operates within the same objectives and goals of the overall educational program.  Athletics at the middle school level help to foster team building skills, problem solving skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline.  Through the development of these skills it is believed that our student-athletes will become confident, contributing members of the school community.


    • To provide students the opportunity to work as a member of a team in order to achieve a goal, and in the process, learn the importance of cooperation, teamwork and good sportsmanship
    • To develop the positive values of athletics, including sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and competition.
    • To provide students with experiences which require problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills.
    • To develop in students emotional control, dependability, and respect for rules, property and authority.
    • To provide students the opportunity to pursue physical fitness as a means of mental well-being.
    • To foster academic and athletic achievement in students by emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, sacrifice and dedication to achieving goals.
    • To develop sport skills by maximizing participation and focusing on instruction
    • To provide as many students as possible the opportunity to participate in activities they enjoy.
    • To develop in students a sense of school loyalty, and generate school spirit.


    White Knoll Middle School holds its athletes to high standards.  Student athletes are seen as representatives of both our school and our community.  As a representative of White Knoll, student athletes are expected to adhere to all school and athletic department rules.  Being a member of a school team is a privilege and not a right

    All athletes are expected to:

    • Remain academically eligible.
    • Act in a responsible manner, realizing at all times, athletes represent their school and community.
    • Attend and arrive on time for all practices and games.
    • Refrain from using profanity or obscene language or gestures.
    • Show good sportsmanship and respect for officials, coaches and fellow athletes.
    • Care for all athletic equipment issued throughout the season.
    • WIN with DIGNITY and LOSE with GRACE.
    • Play fair, play hard and put forth their best effort in practice and in competition.
    • Abstain from any form of alcohol/substance abuse.
    • Leave situations where there is underage drinking or the illegal use of drugs.

    Athletes who fail to comply with these expectations may face disciplinary actions, including but not limited to dismissal from the team.


    Parents are encouraged to support their children’s athletic endeavors and encourage their children to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

    All parents are expected to:

    • Understand that academics are a priority over athletics and emphasize successful classroom performance.
    • Support and be enthusiastic about their child’s chosen sport
    • Be positive, helping their child understand the benefits of athletic participation regardless of contest results or individual performance.
    • Insist their child abide by expectations of the athletic department and by team rules.
    • Encourage fair play.
    • Respect the actions of coaches regarding contest strategy, their child’s play status and playing time.
    • Avoid “coaching” from the stands or sidelines during both games and practices.
    • Ensure their child attends all practices and contests, and are picked up at designated times and places.


    The number of students permitted on some teams may be limited due to allowable roster sizes.  For these teams a tryout will be conducted.  At the tryout, all athletes will be afforded an opportunity to showcase their talents and earn a spot on the roster.  The basis for team selection will be at the sole discretion of the coach.  Criteria may include, but is not limited to, the following indicators:

    • Demonstration of positive behavior and attitude
    • Demonstration of good sportsmanship and teamwork
    • Demonstration of physical fitness
    • Demonstration of required skills (skills testing) 

    In accordance with S.C. High School League rules, athletics at White Knoll Middle School are available to seventh and eighth grade students only.  Students must tryout for teams each year. Team selection will be based on selection criteria rather than grade level or previous year selections.



    Girls’ Tennis (White Knoll High School)
    Cross Country (White Knoll High School)
    Competitive Swimming (White Knoll High School)

    Golf (White Knoll High School)


    Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball
    JV Wrestling (White Knoll High School)
    Winter Guard (White Knoll High School)
    Bowling (White Knoll High School)


    Boys’ Baseball (JV and B Team) (White Knoll High School)
    Girls’ Softball (JV) (White Knoll High School)
    Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field (White Knoll High School)
    Golf (White Knoll High School)
    Soccer (White Knoll High School) 


    White Knoll Middle School is a member of the Lex10 Athletic Conference and must follow all High School League rules.  The conference consists of the following middle schools: North Division- White Knoll, Beechwood, Carolina Springs, Meadow Glen, Pleasant Hill. South Division- Pelion, Lexington, Batesburg-Leesville, Sandhills, Gilbert.


    Students suspended from school, (In-school or Out of School) are not permitted to participate in or attend athletic event during the period of their suspension.  This includes team practices.  Students assigned classroom detentions affecting participation in practices and games will be dealt with at the discretion of the coach.  All suspensions from games will be at the coach’s discretion.


    Athletes are covered by the school insurance only during the time they are engaged in a sport, but not during other times of the day or school year.  The school insurance is a secondary policy, which will assist in the payment for an injury sustained during practice or a game.  Such payments are at the discretion of the insurance carrier and are paid for costs not covered under the family’s primary insurer.


    Students who try out for an athletic team must have a signed parental permission statement.

    That statement is located on the front of the Physical Examination Form. 


    Students participating in athletics at White Knoll Middle School are required to have a current physical examination.  A sports physical is valid for one year, but must include the entire season for the sport in which the student will participate.  The completed physical examination form needs to be uploaded into Planet High School in order to tryout.  A good “rule of thumb to remember”. A sports physical examination dated after April 1 of any year, is good for the entire next school year.


    Travel to all away athletic contests must be by team bus.  Athletes may only travel home from events on the team bus or with their parents.


    All uniforms issued to athletes are the property of the school and must be properly cared for by the student.  All uniforms must be returned, properly cleaned if necessary, at the conclusion of the season.  Lost or damaged uniforms will become the financial obligation of the student.  Game uniforms may be worn only on the day of a scheduled contest.


    Student-athletes at White Knoll Middle School are expected to act in a legal and responsible manner, realizing that at all times, they are representing their school and team.  Conduct out of school which discredits or embarrasses White Knoll Middle School, the Athletic Department or any sport may result in athletic department disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from a team.  Further disciplinary actions may also be taken if deemed appropriate by the school administration.