Dr. Filder Segura



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Filder Segura

Dr. Segura has studied a Doctorate in education focused on curriculum and leadership at NOVA University in florida, with a Master degree in education focused on didactics at Externado University, Colombia and a B.A in Spanish and English languages at UGC University,Colombia. He has been teaching in Colombia, Canada and USA for more than 11 years and has a wide experience teaching, designing curriculum and developing leadership communities in middle, highschool and college.

Dr. Segura is from Colombia and has recently moved to South Carolina with his wife and three children, this is his second year teaching spanish in SC and hopes to keep inspiring his students in the acquisition and learning of a foreign language. He loves sharing time with his family, teaching, traveling, reading, dancing salsa and listening Latin Music. He feels so greatful of this wonderful experience of meet many people around the world and join MGMS family.