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    Do you think college is impossible for you? Would you be the first person in your family to attend college?

    The College Center (TCC) is housed at Gilbert High School, and will accept its second cohort for the 2021-2022 school year. They will be immersed in a rigorous college-readiness curriculum, paired with high levels of academic and social-emotional support within Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) electives.

    The highly structured four-year progression for the students will provide them with the opportunity to earn over 30 credit hours of college credit through a combination of dual enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) coursework, at no cost to the students. Students have an opportunity to complete an associate degree while still in high school!



    In addition to college coursework, TCC will focus on career and community throughout the four-year experience. Students will make connections from their academic work to career exploration and community engagement as part of their experience. The first two years will focus on building the foundations of college-readiness academic skills, goal-setting, and establishing the internal TCC community, while the final two years are for applying these skills in college courses, field studies, college visits, and outreach to the larger, district community.

    The goal of the program, which will partner with Midlands Technical College, other local businesses and community groups, and AVID.org, is to identify students who may benefit from a non-traditional approach to both high school and college-readiness preparation.

    Learn more about AVID here.

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    College Center FAQs

    Student Application - Opens Monday, February 1, and closes on Friday, February 26

    Student Application (Spanish)

    Teacher Recommendation Form - Three teacher recommendations are required (language arts, math, and any other teacher).

    Applicants and families will be contacted to set up interview times.